Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quick Tip :: Floor Magic

A few years ago, I purchased the Rubbermaid Reveal Mop from Sam's.


Mainly, I purchased it because I loved my Swiffer Wet Jet but DID NOT love the refill price!  The cleaning solution + the Swiffer refills adds up quickly!  The 2nd reason came much later when we started using organic/natural stuff to clean with.  The Rubbermaid Reveal mop was a perfect fit because you can fill the cleaner reservoir with your choice of cleaner AND the mop cloth is washable and reusable.  I purchased an extra mop cloth too so one can be in the laundry without leaving me mop-less.

My favorite natural floor cleaner is Lemon Vinegar.  Now, before you zip over to Walmart searching for Lemon Vinegar…let me save you a trip!  There is no cleaner available for purchase (that I know of) called Lemon Vinegar.  You MAKE lemon vinegar yourself! 

Vinegar is effective in killing most bacteria, mold, and germs because of it’s acidity. It works GREAT, is super cheap, AND is non toxic which is a win for the environment PLUS it’s safe to use around kids & pets.

It’s quite simple to make Lemon Vinegar:

1.)  Buy lemons & white vinegar

2.)  Make lemonade or squeeze the lemon juice from the lemons (you just need to peel/rind).

3.)  Slice lemon peels into pieces (quartered or smaller) and place lemon peels in quart sized mason jar (go wide mouth if you can…it’s much easier to get them out.)

4.)  Top off the jar with white vinegar, cover with lid, and put in a sunny place like your kitchen windowsill for about 2 weeks or until the lemon peels begin turning white-ish.   (See, that’s how technical we are around here at Windy Ridge.)


5.)  After peels are white-ish, the vinegar will resemble the color of strong lemonade (or…well, other things) and will smell lemony when opened.  (The vinegar scent might still be apparent but it is DEFINITELY lessened.)  Strain lemon peels from vinegar and pour vinegar into clearly labeled jar.  (Toss the lemon peels in your compost pile if you have one.)


6.)  Use as you would other floor cleaners (add a few additional drops of lemon essential oil for an added bonus of lemony fragrance, especially if you’re not excited about the smell of vinegar.)  The vinegar smell will dissipate after mopping in about 10 minutes or so if you don’t use lemon essential oil.


Happy Day :: Christy

P.S. – Rubbermaid does not know me and didn’t ask me to review their product…although, I’d love to give an “official” review!… especially if it would help me figure out why mine keeps breaking!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Are these floor cleaners for waxed floors or floor that have polyurethane ? I'd love a good cleaner for waxed floors. Thanks!

  2. hi Kathy!! My parents had waxed floors for 26 years!!! This past fall they did some remodeling and had the floors refinished with polyurethane. Mom says it's the best choice they ever made, especially since there's hardwood in the kitchen and dining areas now too!!

    If refinished them with polyurethane isn't an option, don't use water (or vinegar) to clean them!! The best way to care for waxed wood floors is to use s dust mop (or DRY swiffer type product) and wax the floors 1 or 2 times a year (like you would clean carpet.) Mom always used an industrial floor buffer that she picked up at a garage sale somewhere YEARS ago!

    I don't know of a "cleaner" for waxed floors since most cleaner involve water or oil...neither of which would would want on a waxed floor!

  3. Hi Christy, If you are having problems with your Rubbermaid Spray Mop, call them. I did. There was a ...ummm, shall we say a 'design defect' that they did address. They would have helped me out if I had kept the mop. They did give me a code to look for when I purchased a new mop to make sure that I bought one of their 'corrected' mops. Also, the little 'o-ring' on the lid kept popping off and getting lost and they sent me a replacemet lid at no charge.

  4. Anon :: I wish i had the 2 (or maybe 3) that I've gone through!!! The last one I took back to Lowe's (because I still had the receipt randomly...) and just switched to the Libman's mop. I LOVE IT!! I love the concept for it all....glad you filled me in. I'll definitely contact the manufacturer for this one if it "kicks the bucket".

  5. could we use this for nornal tile or marble tile floors . pls advice.

    1. I use it on wood, tile and linoleum floors. Works great!


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